The HECKL company has emerged in 2009 as a result of a fusion of Fontána P.M., BARD Moravia and Renko Rumburk companies. Its business activities date back to 1993 when it begun (as Fontána P.M.) to supply material for the installation of underground services.

In 2004 after gaining the majority share in Renko Rumburk the company expanded its product range and began to manufacture and supply fittings for reinforcement (spindles, lids, control keys and so on) in local as well as foreign markets.

In 2006 we bought BARD Moravia and by this aquired new stores and warehouses in the Czech Republic.

Thanks to the fact that HECKL s.r.o. is itself a manufacturer we are able to supply high-quality products for reasonable price and meet the specific requirements of our customers. Over 50% of our production is exported abroad.