The company has been founded in Staré Křečany in 1996 and followed smoothly in the previous production activities. In 2009 it became the production centre of HECKL company. The company specializes in fixed and telescopic spindles and related products (cast-iron lids, operating keys etc.) The range of products is suitable for all commonly used closing fixtures of local as well as foreign producers. The company is also able to manufacture an atypical spindle just as customers wish.

Our products are characterized by up-to-date technical solutions, high-quality materials, accurate processing, reliability and an excellent proportion of price to value in use. 

The company operates on local as well as foreign markets. Our important business partners include local and foreign waterworks and business companies but also producers of fittings. In all our activities we strive to fulfil the requirements of our customers. We try continuously to improve current products and develop new ones with regard to the needs and requirements of our customers.